Jual Stavol Stabilizer Voltage Matsuyama

Matsuyama Stabilizer, Stabilizer Electricity superior to overcome the voltage resulting in unstable performance of electronic equipment and computer systems you down.

Matsuyama Stabilizer Digital 1 Phase with DC SERVO MOTOR systems that can stabilize the incoming voltage (Input Voltage) up and down and load changes to the output voltage (Output Voltage) is always stable.

Matsuyama stabilizer also comes with a string of AUTO WIND BACK SYSTEM START which can overcome adversity after a power outage with a sensitivity rate of approximately 2% of the input.

Quality and after sales service guaranteed

Stabilizer Matsuyama Digital 150 KVA 3 phase

Input Voltage : 320 V – 430 V
output Voltage : 380 V  ( +/- 2% )

Stabilizer Matsuyama Digital 150 KVA


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